Gabriel’s constant thirst for knowledge has put him on the path to discover the mysteries of the Universe. He now spends his weekdays studying natural world and his evenings looking at the stars or one of his books about the planets. His curriculumat school has changed since we left Norfolk and now includes Norwegian. Strangely enough, he enjoys school more now that he goes everyday than he did when he went every other day.

Einstein once said, “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” As we watch Gabriel from around the corner we couldn’t agree more. Whether he is looking at the shades of blue in the darkening sky and talking about Uranis, or drawing pictures of Mickey and Minnie Mouse. If you listen hard you can still hear the beat of his drum, him singing a new song, or maybe him reading a book to the "best bear in the whole world," teddy. Now as I drive him to school in the mornings he likes to watch his video about airplanes, talk about his best friend Natalie, his plan to get her to Norway, or asking if I am going to sit next to him in the rocket ship he will fly when he is big.